HB (altitude) - 1015m

GPS coordinates

N 41° 49' 17.6"

E 23° 28' 43.2"




Phone: 074 98 21 50
Fax: 074 98 20 17
GSM 0887 25 19 21
email: hotelbariakov@gmail.com

The Baryakova tavern

The "Baryakova" tavern for connoisseurs of the delicious homemade food and the best wines.
It is situated in the heart of the old town, meets the spirit of the old and the new. It is created with much love to the food and the client. One of the first restaurants in the town of Bansko and the winner of awards for best restaurant for 1999 and 2010.

The tavern offers a great variety of local and authors’ specialties, home prepared bread, homemade salads and appetizers. In the cool cellars matures serious wine for guests and friends. Delicious and large portions of normal prices.

Do not miss to enjoy the delicious homemade prepared meals, the hospitality of the hosts, the unique specialties prepared in the old furnace, fire in the fireplace in the cold winter nights and the spacious verandas, tables are put up with flowers in the summer. We recommend you to try: Baryakovo sache, pork meat in the oven, stuffed pork leg with chicken meat, lamb shoulder in the furnace, stewed rabbit, stewed game, the Bolyar ska board for connoisseurs and emblematic meal for Bansko kapama and chomlek. With us you can organize your office party, family celebration anniversary, holy baptizing, wedding, meeting with friends or an individual visit. We will offer you good service, delicious food, a variety of alcoholic beverages and wines, and for your good mood will take care orchestra of exceptional musicians.

3 Velyan Ognev str.
Phone 0749 8 4482
mobile phone 0899670734 / 0897556966 / 0889534582


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