HB (altitude) - 1015m

GPS coordinates

41°49'40.8" N

23°28'52.6" E




Phone: +359 882 424 169
GSM +359 889 687 373
email: hotelbariakov@gmail.com

About Bansko

Population 8,459 people

Altitude 927 m.

Distance Sofia Bansko 160 km.

Distance Plovdiv Bansko 175km.

Distance Thessaloniki Bansko 230 km.



Bansko is located at the foot of Pirin mountain, glimpsing Rila and Rhodope mountains and offers the opportunity to visit many natural and historical landmarks of the district.
Historical, cultural and sports center, known for its Renaissance architecture, folklore, and meat culinary specialties, old churches and chapels, valuable icons, wood carvings, many hiking and bike routes, 75 km. ski runs and the springs in the vicinity of Bansko make it a unique place for the rest of Bulgarians and foreigners.


Spring, summer, autumn in Bansko

Family hotel Baryakov offers you dream holiday at the coolness, fresh air and calmness near the mineral springs and a rich cultural program of the town of Bansko. Enjoy all the nuances of the green spring in the mountain. In the summers find its coolness, freshness and beauty, and in the fall enjoy the rich palette of colors in Pirin.


We are expecting you!

Hiking http://www.banskoski.com/bg/page/60/

Mountain biking http://www.banskoski.com/bg/page/59/

History http://banskocity.com/history 

History Museum http://bansko.net/muzei

Cultural program of the city http://bansko.bg/index.php/bg/

Natural landmarks in the national park Pirin http://www.pirin.bg/

Mineral beach in village Banya – hotel Rimska banya

Mineral beach in town Dobrinishte http://banskopool.com/

Dobarsko http://www.dobarsko.org/

Belitsa park for the dancing bears http://park.belitsa.com/

Horseback riding Bachevo http://www.perivolasbg.com

The town's proximity to Greece allows you to daytrips in the northern part of Greece with a visit to the rock cave in Drama and the beach of White sea.. www.spilaioaggiti.gr


Bansko during the winter

Ski slopes Bansko

Ski zone Bansko has a 75km ski slopes and 27 km modern facilities, ski lockers for the ski equipment, ski schools for all ages and levels.
Relax after skiing load you can relax in the warm mineral waters of one of the best SPA centers Roman bath, only 5 km away from Bansko or enjoy the outdoor mineral spring Ognyanovo 35km away from Bansko. You need to book transfers in the hotel.
Bansko offers plenty of taverns and restaurants, clubs and bars, bringing color accent from a local, Mediterranean, west and east European culture.

The yearly culture events in Bansko:

January 01 - festive folklore concert and traditional mummer carnival central square "Nikola Vaptsarov".

May 31 June 01 Festival for authentic folklore " between three mountains'’

01 - 07 July Summer theatrical evenings

08 - 13 August The International Jazz festival central square “Nikola Vaptsarov” 


29 - 31 August Bansko Opera fest

25 - 30 November Bansko Film Fest 2014

All cultural events of Bansko 2014


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